Tuesday, October 09, 2007

get out your torches

Been asked by Zack Mannheimer and Matt Wells, two young firebrands ready to storm the castle, to sit on the board of the newly-hatched National Independent Theatre Community. This is the first tangible result of Zack's summer road odyssey. He left the wilds of Brooklyn and, armed only with his quick wit and a good map, Kerouacked his way through this great land of ours. Met some tribal brothers along the way, you can check it all out on:


Planning a big sitdown in January with a group of people making interesting theater in interesting towns, Nashville, Reno, Tulsa, Des Moines.

These same Big Ideas blow up every couple of years, I know, but Zack has a history of actually getting things done.

Very weird to be at the Elders Council when I turned 44 two days ago. Is that old? (I hear the faithful choir in my mind chanting "No!") Can still remember being 28 and yeah, I guess if someone told me then that they were 44 I would have thought "Grandpa Jones.".

Anyway, me and Zack and Matt and a bunch of other people are going to change the world, one small theater at a time. Will keep you apprised of all developments.

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