Sunday, September 17, 2006

and we're back

Hey folks.

I started a teaching gig down in Glassboro, NJ a week after getting back in town and it's been a true ass-kicking experience. My ass being the one getting kicked. It's a 3 hour commute, one way. So I found a room in a house off campus and I'll be living down there Sundays through Thursdays for the next six weeks while I direct the first show of the semester.

So I'm semi-back.

Let's talk about the League. Still a good idea?

I make the move down to Glassboro tomorrow, so may not re-surface for a couple of days.

Hope all's well with all.


Tim said...

John-glad your back. I was raised in South NJ, so I can sympathize with you on the glassboro commute. But Rowan is a good school and the people are good. And Philly's not far away.

Things are still stirring with the AEA showcase code, including the potential involvement of ART/NY...

Jamespeak said...

Welcome back.

I'm still interested (for what it's worth).

Nan said...

I am here and available to work on the league. Call me or email me here.

Abby said...


Welcome back! Even if only semi...

Definitely still interested in the league idea...let me know what comes next.

much love,