Wednesday, July 19, 2006

good question

This from Jake, in the comments on the Risk post below:

Here's the question, though. Is this a revolution from the inside or a full on erasure of what we know -- of the powers that be? Do we throw the baby out with the bath water? Are there agencies already in existence that could help us out? For instance, I'm currently enjoying a (rather substantial) grant from TCG in the mentorship program and that's defnitely an area they are interested. (They are also at the beginning of doing a pretty big joint program with opera, dance, and orchestra organizations.) Perhaps that's an avenue to pursue. What about Art/NY...who are our allies in this? And what is the ultimate goal? I like John's list, but a revolution makes me thing there's a king to dethrone. Is there one? Who is he? Where is he enthroned? Sometimes I feel like our rhetoric gets in the way of what we actually need to accomplish.

There is no king, I don't think, just like there's no actual physical wall between Houston and uptown or Brooklyn and Manhattan. And the revolution I dream of is not one of destroying something that exists but creating something that doesn't yet. There are a lot of good ideas and organizations out there and the more you look the more you'll find. In very simple terms, I'm interested in seeing a professionally run organization created that is dedicated to the needs of the artists and producers working in 99 seat theaters in New York. TCG is looking at the whole country. ART/NY is looking at the whole city. Wouldn't it be beautiful to have a collective organization dealing with organizations like those two to foster Off-Off and looking for the other partnerships and opportunities that are out there?

Ninety zillion degrees today in London. True fact. We've all been atomized.


Anonymous said...

I just found this out.
TimeOut NY has a slidnig scale for Ad Rates (apparently this went into effect last year).
0-99 Off Off Bway
199- 100 Off Bway
200 + Broadway

John said...


This post sounds like some kind of weird spam. Are you an individual or are you on the clock?

Anonymous said...

just wanted to point out that at least there are some folks out there that are aware of our cost issues and are willing to do what they can.

Now if onlt equity and theater lanlords could too.

John said...

Yes, there's a high industry awareness of the situation, many publicists will cut you a break as well.

Sorry for the suspicion, thanks for chiming in.

Anonymous said...

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