Sunday, June 18, 2006

banks of the Thames

Things I've learned this week:

It is not possible to live in London on 20 pounds a day, no matter what a producer may tell you.

Always take the night flight. If you fly all day, you stay up all night, you're bleary and cranky the next day and it takes about 48 hours to focus.

Most English actors can do a pretty convincing New York accent, none can do Texan. Think Benny Hill doing Blanche Dubois on a lot of cough syrup. Strange, unsettling utterances I have sat through.

Everyone says they've seen Midnight Cowboy. Most, if pressed, have no memory of the film.

In England, lemonade is 7-Up. I actually knew that one, just forgot.

Flying home tomorrow and back for at least two weeks. Hope to get a lot of this League business in motion before the fall, so watch this space. Also may put some old essays up here if I can figure out how.

Be safe, speak soon.


steve k said...

It's possible to live in London on 20 pounds a day -- if by "20 pounds" you mean "60 pounds." It's all a matter of definition, see?

And by the way, there are already a few essays on the website. Click-tastic! What an age we live in.

John said...

Click-tastic, indeed. I should look at that website more often.

Anonymous said...

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