Monday, September 22, 2008

first day of the paulson administration

Stole that line from George Will, but an honest thief doesn't care who he steals from.

I'm starting to think my mother-in-law is right.

Mary is an old-school Yankee Democrat and she's seen it all from Hoover on. A few years back she started saying, half-jokingly, that George W. Bush must be an enemy agent, sent by his masters to destroy America from within. It was the only explanation she could come up with for the comprehensive and unrelenting disaster of his time behind the Desk. I'd tell her no, he's just a garden-variety Idiot with angry, selfish advisers, but now I don't know.

We now live in a socialist state. And I'm all for socialism, I just prefer the kind that takes care of the young and the sick and the old over the kind that emphasizes state control of the economic sector.

But that's just me.

Milton Friedman's policies (popularly know around here as Reaganomics or trickle-down theory), have, once again, when strictly applied in a real market-place, failed spectacularly. Just as they did in Chile, in Poland, in Russia and everywhere else they've been tried. They call for complete deregulation of industry, destruction of the unions, elimination of the minimum wage, etc.

And they don't work.

It's not a credible theory anymore. It's not something that anyone can honestly and with any intellectual integrity argue for anymore. It has to go sit in the corner with the Flat Earth theory and get laughed at whenever the class wants to feel better about itself.

So, the GOP has to go out and find itself a brand-new domestic policy real quick and the rest of us have to get used to calling each other "comrade", or at least "citizen".

"Brother and sister"?

We killed in Beacon, comrades. America the Beautiful sang up there, had ourselves two packed houses. Learned a lot about the piece, most of all that it works. Need to find a way to produce it.

Our MMMQ on this first day of the New Order reaches back to the work of that English one-man revolutionary party, Billy Bragg. The opening line of his great "It Says Here" is:

1. We should be proud that we are free.

2. The economy is on the upturn.

3. The unions will never learn.

4. We have nothing to fear.


5. My legal name is Declan Suggs.

Winners get a dascha, losers go off to a re-education camp, so choose wisely my brothers and sisters.


Ann said...

Ummm...Sarah Palin thinks Jesus had a pet dinosaur. I'm not entirely sure she's discounted the Flat Earth theory.

And as a pround CSEA local 1000 member and Billy Bragg enthusiast, I know the answer's 3.

Glad your weekend "upstate" went well. Rat City was gorgeous this weekend, my only regret was that I was too drunk to see The Invitation. BadAnn, Bad.

John said...

Well, truth be told I was too drunk to properly direct The Invitation, but it all worked out.

I can see the Sunday morning cartoon, "Action Jesus and his Pal Dino", Jesus running around getting into adventures and dropping parables on the cavemen, the lovable Dino scarfing down dino-snacks and hiding behind Jesus' robe whenever things get spooky.

Rosemoo said...

Always and almost for sure. Number 5. My legal name is Brian Parks. :D

PS: Don't forget about Jesus's kindly but strangely prone to fits of anger father. Who throws lightning bolts and diseases instead of whiskey bottles when he's angry.


Anonymous said...

#5 is Dina Suggs, not Declan Suggs. Remember Dina Suggs?